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If you’re looking for some shopping that definitely has your money’s worth, visit the famous 168 mall. Located at the prime spot of Binondo, near Divisoria, 168 mall has almost everything that you need for shopping.

As Divisoria has been part of the Filipino culture when it comes to affordability, 168 has only institutionalized this value by providing a modern and easy access venue for everyone. It has made shopping in Divisoria easier and safer. As the connotation of Filipinos that the area is like slum and full of thieves, 168 Mall has made the place accessible for all types of people, whether it be a commoner or a former first lady of the Philippines. One of the notable famous people who visited and frequent the place is form first lady Mrs. Imelda Marcos. She has been famous in looking for bargain in the place not just from media but also from store clerks. The place definitely can accommodate anyone.

Redefining shopping

168 redefined what shopping is all about in terms of affordability. We see plenty of malls out there capitalized on the branding and the luxurious setting but with 168, it’s a whole new way of promoting. Though even before a mall nearby named Divisoria Mall has established the same concept, making shopping in Divisoria easier, it wasn’t established properly and wasn’t further maintained a mall should be. What sets 168 apart is that it not only gives an avenue for stores around Divisoria to sell in a much decent environment but also have a treatment like a mall. The place is like, you’re shopping in the crowded and dirty place in Divisoria but in a decent environment.

Everything must go

Another thing that makes 168 an exciting place to go to is that it practically has everything you are looking for in terms of shopping. Although one won’t be able to find branded clothes, however one will definitely find staple in shopping territory which are clothes, accessories, shoes, bags and even hardware goods and school supplies. Though the products are not as quality oriented since most are class A imitation or good which came from mainland China, but it’ll definitely be at par with branded clothes in terms of style and being in with the latest.

Food and more

And to complete the package of being a mall, 168 alos has its own food court with mainstream fastfood outlets to satisfy everyone after a long shopping day. Not only does their food court have fastfood, it also serves authentic Chinese dishes that will surely satisfy your cravings. And to add to that, the mall recently expanded and now also caters to a much high-end market that are in search for affordability in a much higher quality. The mall now has 168 II that offers more costly goods but definitely in the affordability side. The mall also is into real estate as they are offering condominiums units above the mall.

Further Projects around the Vicinity

As 168 mall has flourished to be one of the established mall in the Metro, currently, 2-3 malls are currently being completed to cater to the much demand for shopping of Filipinos. A mall and food complex is almost done that will also strengthen business in the area and also enhance the image of the area, that it is a place livable and sustainable in the long run. 168 mall and the entire Binondo area is definitely one place one should never miss out in any exploration one will have here in the Metro.

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