La Mesa Ecopark

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La Mesa Ecopark is the only remaining forest within Metro Manila.  The park measures 2000 hectares was created to protect and preserve the La Mesa Watershed.  The La Mesa Watershed is the only source of water for majority of the areas here in Metro Manila.  The La Mesa Ecopark is the usual destination for Metro Manila residents that wants to escape from the smoggy and busy urban environment.  This place is ideal for family outings and get-togethers, where the kids and adults can take pleasure in physical activities while enjoying fresh air and being close to nature.

Superferry boating lagoon and pavilion

Looking for a unique place to spend your anniversary or a place to take your date besides the boring mall and cinemas in the city?  Look no further.  Here in the Boating lagoon, you and your partner can rent a small boat and spend quality time together while rowing in this quiet and romantic lagoon.

Paint ball field

Do you love first person shooter games such as Counter Strike and Call of Duty?  I bet you’ll also love to play paintball in La Mesa Ecopark’s paintball field! Let your inner child run loose and pretend to be Rambo.  Play hide and seek with your officemates or friends, and hunt them down one by one!

Pool and Bathhouse

Back in September 2009, the La Mesa Ecopark’s swimming pool was severely damaged and left in ruins and unfit for public use.  Since then, the pool and bathhouse was renovated with the help of the Senate Priority Development Fund.  Now, even better, the swimming pool serves as the main attraction of the Ecopark.  La Mesa Ecopark now boasts its new six lane standard short course fresh water pool and two saltwater kiddy/wading pools.

Shell Flower Terraces

This area of the La Mesa Ecopark is an upward sloping spot where the park maintains and takes care of beautiful and fragrant flowers.  Long flight of stairs are located in between the rows of flowers and plants, its also a great place to train your legs by running up and down the flight of stairs while breathing fresh air and enjoying the sweet scent of the flowers.

Butterfly Trail and Hatchery

It is quite rare to spot butterflies in the city, this is one of the few places where butterflies thrive in the metropolitan area.   Bring your kids and your loved ones here and enjoy a very unique experience.

Ipil Pavilion/Narra Pavillion/Neptune Pavilion/Orchidarium Exclusive/Boating Pavilion

Need a venue for weddings, reception, team building or birthday parties?  Forego the idea of boring fastfoods and restaurants.  Reserve the Ipil Pavilion and make the gathering more exciting and unique.

As of the date of this writing, the La Mesa Ecopark offers the following rates for the exclusive use of the following facilities:


Price:  Php 20,000
Capacity: 150 (entitled to 100 persons free park admission)


Price:  Php 5,000
Capacity: 250 persons (entitled to 80 persons free park admission)


Price:  Php 5,000
Capacity: 150 persons (entitled to 80 persons free park admission)


Daytime Price:  Php 10,000

Daytime Price:  Php 15,000

Max. Capacity: 150 (entitled to 100 persons free park admission)


Price:  Php 4,000
Max. Capacity: 80 persons (entitled to 50 persons free park admission)

Fishing Wharf

In Manila, unlike other cities in the Philippines, it is very uncommon for residents to go fishing around since most of the rivers and bays are already polluted.  The Fishing Wharf here in La Mesa Ecopark serves as one of the few spots remaining in Manila where you can bring your own fishing rod or rent one and experience the tranquility of fishing.

Petron Fitness Trail

Do you find commercial gyms too boring?  You can try visiting the Petron Fitness Trail.  The trail has a lot of challenging equipments and make shift machines made of logs and steel handles.   There are also pull-up bars and walls made of logs that you can climb.  If the idea of training like Rocky or Van Damme in the forest sounds exciting, then this is the perfect place for you!

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