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Tomas Morato is one of the best places in Manila to hangout at. Located at Quezon City, Tomas Morato is a street that boasts its complete line-up of restaurants and bars. Named after the first Mayor of Quezon City, it’s the prime spot of the city where you can taste worldwide cuisines and chill out at the coolest bars in the city.
Tomas Morato started being the prime spot of happening since the late 1980s. Restaurants and comedy bars started being established and the followed by bars and night clubs. The place is also famed for being located not far from the 2 of the country’s TV stations, ABS-CBN and GMA-7, where most of their celebrities hang-out after a day’s worth of shoots. The place also is the home of successful restaurateurs that has already built a chain of establishments not only in the Metro but also across the country. The place is truly something worth visiting at.
Tomas Morato Restaurants and Coffee Shops
Tomas Morato presents us a fine range of food outlets to choose from. From the basic Grills and Filipino food, to the Japanese, Chinese and Mediterranean dishes, Tomas Morato has always something to for everyone’s appetite. More than that, Coffee Shops also came out as a way to end the night after a sumptuous dinner with friends and family. Varieties of coffee shops also includes bakeshops that usually serve up desserts.

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Bars and Clubs
Aside from the restaurants, bars and clubs have also been famous in the area. Whether one likes to have a lounge type of bar or have something really wild with all the teenagers around. The place has definitely something for you. Bars and clubs that are partly owned by celebrities are also located in the area so better watch out for celebrity sightings.
Comedy Bars
Lastly would be the comedy bars around the vicinity. If you want to have the feel of the Filipino Humor, you’ll definitely enjoy what’s in store in these bars. Famously for being the place where local comedians were discovered, you’ll experience a different kind of tickle that would answer the question as to why Filipinos are one of the happiest people in Asia.
Peak Time
As to how to get there, most of the local taxi would definitely know the place. It’s a famous place to hangout especially on a Friday and Saturday night. Peak time for restaurant goers would we around 8-10pm and nightlife starts from 11pm onwards.
One of the best places for entertainment
If you’re on search to enjoy what Manila has to offer in terms of food and fun, you should never miss what Tomas Morato has to offer. It’ll surely be an experience you wouldn’t want to miss.

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